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I have been through the trenches of owning a brick and mortar service business. I know what it is like and I am here with you. Implementing the right systems is not the fun side of owning a business, but crucial for longevity and less burnout. We need to give you more freedom to do what you love doing, serving your clients. Being an empath and introvert, burnout can happen quicker than our counterparts. Let's nip that in the bud as quickly as possible and allow you the confidence to thrive. I will meet you where you are in this journey. 

start chiropractic business

Free Webinar

4 Things You Need When Starting Your Chiropractic Business

Great news! You can now download a free webinar that will guide you through the 4 essential things you need to do today to open your. Don't struggle anymore, take the first step your dream practice.

Custom 1:1 Coaching

start chiropractic business with a chiropractic coach

During our consultation, I will ask where you are in your business building. I will then design a custom coaching package for you to create your business's infrastructure.  Each client is at a different starting point when they work with me. It is important to set aside enough time together depending on your needs.

I have my systems in place to help us guide you through the main things your company is missing. During this time, we will create a guidebook (or freshen up your current one) that is just right for you and your business. This includes everything from your core values, policies, and procedures, nitty-gritty tasks, to hiring staff. I will meet you where you are at.

I know how daunting owning a business can feel, and it is best to find a mentor and coach who can support you rather than intimidate or scare you. Our time together will feel like a small business hug. No bad juju  allowed! We can create a custom coaching package just for you.

What's included:

  • 1:1 Hour long coaching with me every week

  • Expert knowledge and experience to guide you

  • Templated Employee Handbook and other necessary administration paperwork

  • Specially curated Office Manual for your clinic

  • Access to me throughout the week (through email and text)

  • Meet-you-where-you are programming. 

  • Assigned "homework" every week to meet your goals

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