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If you were your OWN Inspirational Speaker, what would you say?

If you were your own Inspirational speaker, what would you say? What would be your opening line, drawing you in? What words would you want to hear? Would you be strong at expressing your convictions to yourself? Or would it feel more like you were lying to yourself?

Inspirational Speakers are the ones we search for when we are in need of something. Love, money, business. But, what about that inspirational speech nails it down for you? If you could be your own Inspiration for a moment. Just sit, and BE. You can discover your own speech sometimes. I love all things inspiration. I save quotes, listen to Podcasts and Commencement speeches, and buy books, but these quotes and books usually have a common theme. What are you searching for that you are not listening to from within?

Our intuition is such a powerful tool. Unfortunately, it can get gummed up with other gunk in our life that we are trying to process. Intuition is that feeling in your gut. The one that can speak loudly through anxiety, butterflies in our stomach, crying, or just that feeling of knowing something isn't right. What is that common theme for you? What are your searches constantly pulling? what quotes are you saving for later, what are you writing over and over again in your journal? Your intuition is guiding you through this and we are not aware. look for those common themes. Look for the spaces within yourself that are trying to speak. What are they saying? Write it down. Write down your own Inspirational speech.

Let your speech run wild. Let it be filled with ego, but also love. Don't feel like your words can't be "braggy" You are an amazing mom, you are an amazing wife and human. You can build that dream you have. YOU CAN! But you have to listen first.

Would your voice be loud? or would it fall flat? Don't fall flat. That is not what your intuition wants. Give yourself those goosebumps you may get when listening to other strong women. Their voice came from somewhere, just like yours can. Be your own Michelle Obama or Oprah. You are here to share your story. You may feel like what you have accomplished and what other women have accomplished cant compare. That is the problem. We are comparing our voice to others before we fully know what our voice is saying. Please don't do that. For the sake of our world that needs your voice, please don't.

Today, what I would love for you to do is sit and listen to her. That voice inside and write out what you want to hear. Your inspirational speech could be a speech to help other women.

Remember, we all have a ripple. Your ripple can be as large or as small as you like. But you are producing a ripple in this life.


Dr. Ariel Blackburn

Chiropractor and multi-passionate business owner



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