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How to Leverage Your Introverted Personality for Business Success"

There's probably always those few women you fail to notice in passing. You can ignore her, look past her, possibly say "Hi," and never look back. You may see her at a party with a small group of others who make her feel the most safe.

She's that introverted, socially awkward butterfly who loves to have fun. You don't know her hard work, sleepless nights, crying sessions, and creative stings, all in the hopes of a "ripple." It's that ripple in the world she has always wanted to make. She doesn't care how large or small, just as long as it's a ripple.

Her fun may look a little different than that of an Extrovert. Laughing loudly in the corner with her little group, she quickly covers her mouth in embarrassment. That laugh, though. You hear it differently. It makes you look and say, "Oh, wow, She's been here all along? I didn't notice." But now you have, and she will draw you in. You want to join her small circle as she makes you feel just as safe. Her ripple is unassuming but magical and powerful. The introvert in the corner with the crazy, beautiful laugh that drew you in generates the biggest ripple because she can expand into yours, creating a bigger wave.


If this sounds like you, it is time to leverage this beautiful, unique personality for business success—your unassuming ripples of pure magic. Ripples of success, love, hard lessons learned, and answers to the questions we have always had. I think it's cool to be the one they never expected. I don't know what I am doing the majority of the time. I guess that is what will make this journey even more fun and a little more scary. Allow other women to join your safe corner of the party, and let people watch and learn our way through to the end.

As I said before, I don't know what I am doing half the time, but I managed to keep my introverted shit together enough to build a successful business over the last nine years and start a family. I have learned much about business, how women see themselves, and what we can answer together.

Use your personality and its strengths. Introverts are great at focused tasks, deep thinking, and one-on-one interactions. Use these strengths to build meaningful relationships with clients or customers.

Try finding small networking events. We don't do very well with large networking events as it can be overwhelming. Although stepping out of your comfort zone a little and attending large events are great, small events will probably feel more tangible in the long run.

Make sure, if possible, to outsource tasks that may drain your energy and your light. Create a perfect quiet space where you can work as well.

You are moving mountains and creating ripples! Please do not give up on this. You are pure magic; I am here if you need help.

Dr. Ariel Blackburn


Business mentor and consultant for introverted holistic health professionals.



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