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Dressing Room Confessional

Welp, here I am again. I in a place I absolutely despise but find as a necessary evil. The dressing room. They have to be the absolute worst. For as long as I can remember, trying on clothes has ALWAYS been such a struggle for me. The fluorescent lights, big mirrors, dirty floors, other people's "dressing room clothes" eew. They have never felt accommodating, flattering, or a place of safety and comfort. They are small confined space of pure judgement. You can almost see the tears of the past dressing room fails as you enter. I hate the dressing room even more living in a post-partum body. My body is different. Post-partum bodies are. I am trying to get used to that, along with a lot of other things as a new mom. I have come to be more open ad accepting of myself more than I ever have. But today, I hated not just the dressing room, but my body in the dressing room while staring at a mirror. I don't know what size I am anymore. I have 4 different sizes of different dresses, pants, shirts. Today just isn't the day. I think recognizing I'm not in the right headspace at this moment is super important and shows my own growth. So I will tell myself, "next time will be better." I will be kinder to that beautiful new momma staring back at me in that mirror. I think I will leave empty handed and be totally fine with that. On my way home I'll stop and get that chai latte I have been craving instead.

To that tired, stressed, new momma just trying to find "something cute" to wear, I see you. I hear you. Take a breath and try again another day or don't. Its okay. Go get that chai latte you have been craving instead.


Dr. Ariel



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