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Baby on Board: Body Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy

When I was pregnant and even before getting pregnant, I found it extremely hard (and still do) to be kind to myself. With pregnancy, your whole world changes in the blink of an eye. As pregnant women, we are trying to play "catch up" all the time. Catch up with our hormone changes, catch up with our body changes, catch up with sleep, and just how we are feeling "overall" while still trying to maintain a sense of normalcy for ourselves.

I think one thing that was the most tricky for me was being okay with how my body started to look. I am from a generation where diet fads, the newest way to lose weight, and skinny models were all the rage. Luckily this has been changing in our society to be ever loving in our own skin. So this mindset of poor relationships with food carries on with us. My poor relationship with food was challenged during pregnancy because all I heard was weight. So I had to come up with some strategies to help me remember all of the beautiful things my body was doing and creating. First and foremost, I loved my Therapist even more during this time. So please, if you feel like you need to talk to someone do it! No shame girlfriend. It's like flossing for your brain!

Here are a few affirmations I had to say on the daily while pregnant and have a list of ones I say now.

- I am creating life within me. I will be kind to myself as my body changes.

-I will listen to my body and give it the nutrients it needs.

-As I look in the mirror, I remember I am beautiful and strong

- My baby is getting stronger every day because of the foods I give my body.

- I will eat and satisfy my cravings without guilt or shame.

- I will not compare my body as it changes or my journey with other pregnant women.

- My body is unique. It will change in its own way. I am beautiful.

-I will rest as much as I need. I will pay attention to these cues.

- I will ask for help when I need it

-My shape will be different than other women during pregnancy. I will not compare how I look with others.

- I will not deprive my body of the nutrients it needs. I am supporting the loving growth of my baby

- I know how to listen to my body and follow what it needs and asks of me

- I have support and love from my family and friends. I am not alone.

-I am doing my best right now and that is enough

-I love my body. I love what it is creating and I am so proud of myself

-I will give myself grace and space during this time

If you are having a poor relationship with food while pregnant, please seek the professional experience of someone trained in disordered eating. There are not a lot of resources for women who may have disordered eating patterns and then become pregnant without the guidance of a professional. I loved also using a pregnancy journal. It helped me get my thoughts out, what to ask my therapist, what I needed for support with the weeks to come, and much more.

With all the love,

Dr. Ariel Blackburn


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